The International Consortium on
Digital Forensics for the Internet of Things

 A global consortium of digital forensics stakeholders who assemble to identify methods, best practices, challenges and device specific guidance on Internet of Things (IoT) and similar new technology internet connected devices.

Our world is changing faster today than at any other point in history. Advances in technology enable us ubiquitous access to connected devices around the planet.

Wherever technology shifts, questions arise related to how the devices are used for everything from basic functionality to cyber crime or cyber warfare.

Through deliberate collaboration, we can prepare for the challenges presented by this new technology space.


The International Consortium on Digital Forensics for the Internet of Things seeks to address the forensic science questions related to these new technology devices by assembling the leading minds in the world working toward common solutions.

The Consortium will be represented by participants from around the globe with expertise in digital forensics, device exploitation and incident response.

Research and practice is already happening around the world. Imagine the possibilities if we centralize and collaborate to solve these challenges.

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